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Overview of

Knightshield Corporation Limited


It does not take very long for a family that has recently come into significant liquidity to learn what more experienced families have known for a long time, …that managing family wealth is a complex and time-consuming affair. Its like having several businesses all rolled into one with the average family having ten or more different financial professionals and administrators overseeing activities. This places an onerous burden of responsibility on the decision makers within the family and can lead to internal conflicts. Sometimes one or several of these professional relationships break down and one must begin again with new relationships usually resulting in a great deal of frustration and wasted time.

At Knightshield Corporation Limited we benefit from a great deal of experience in helping to maintain the successful continuity of relationships both with our clients and with out-side professionals. This often forms a key criteria of client objectives. Furthermore, through our regular schedule of private meetings we engage family decision makers with concise geo-political and economic investment analysis and financial reviews. We also, at times, facilitate family meetings intermediating in the negotiation process where appropriate.

Knightshield Corporation Limited is an international ʻPrivate-Client Family Officeʼ wealth management group. What sets us apart from other professionals such as: financial planners; investment managers; stockbrokers; bankers and accountants, is the complexity and comprehensive nature of the services that we provide. Our remit involves responsibility for overseeing a comprehensive list of activities either directly, privately outsourced, or through other companies in the group. We keep functions strategic to your objectives in-house, e.g wealth preservation; asset allocation; investment decisions and trust establishment, while outsourcing non-strategic functions such as client-country specific tax advice. Some families will appoint a family member for certain activities when the family member has demonstrated expertise or when privacy and continuity of management are top concerns.

The real value of becoming a client of Knightshield Corporation Limited lies in our ability to co-ordinate on your behalf, diverse wealth management strategies on an international basis from almost any country in the world for you as an expatriate or multi-national family. As a result of the comprehensive, private & confidential discussions we will have with you and your family we aim to become an integral player in the successful achievement of your financial vision.

In todaysʼ complex world, the coordinated efforts of Knightshield Corporation Limited will go a long way towards meeting your objectives. With a focus on building strong, solid and long lasting client relationships, your time spent with us today is an investment in your future tomorrow, a future we want to be proud of. Therefore a great deal of time is invested getting to know your primary financial goals and objectives thereby empowering us to be more effective at what we do best.


Services & Solutions


We provide you with access to services that go far beyond a typical wealth management firm. Through the use of Money Management Vehicles (MMVs) it is possible to create custom asset protection strategies that afford solutions to your financial goals as a client of Knightshield Corporation Limited. These vehicles are as follows:

1) International Asset Protection Trusts
2) International Business Companies
3) International Family Foundations
4) International Portfolio Management
5) Private Swiss Forex Funds Management
6) International Multi-currency & Multi Banking Strategies
7) Corporate & Private Accounting Services
8) Corporate & Private Legal Services

Through the proper use of the above, a strategy can be tailored to meet your family financial objectives. Some of these objectives may include: tax free investment growth on a lump sum (note: personal tax circumstances may prohibit this); mitigate inheritance tax liabilities; access the most exclusive asset management groups in the world such as: Perpetual; JP Morgan; Templeton; Lazard; Knightshield etc, via one central location via one MMV; protecting your wealth in the event of a national bankruptcy; severe currency devaluation or political event.

In short, Knightshield Corporation Limited offers you access to prestigious bespoke wealth management. Below is a comprehensive list of services:

Investment Placement; Portfolio Management & Manager selection all from the Isle of Man, British Isles. (rated ʻNo. 1 International Financial Services Centreʼ)
International Banking Introductions.
Cash Flow, Record Keeping, Monthly Management Accounting.
Swiss Forex Fund Management & Banking.
Estate & Wealth Transfer Planning.
Comprehensive Financial Planning & Analysis.
Risk Management.
Asset Protection Trusts/International Trust Company Services.
Next Generation Financial Counseling.
Quarterly concise and in-depth Geo-political and Economic Analysis of World Trends.

Our endeavor is to maintain a comprehensive, consultative and personal approach with each of our private-client families. However, our ultimate goal is the preservation of the wealth of the families that we serve. Today that requires a great deal of knowledge and experience. We hope that Knightshield Corporation Limited will be your first choice when it comes to what really counts,...RESULTS.

Our Corporate



Most families of the traditional Family Office are based in the same country as their Family Office. Their businesses; real-estate holdings; investments; banking and cash assets are more often than not also based in the same country as their Family Office. In addition, all these and other financial arrangements are for the most part predominately held in the same currency.

What happens when you, your family, your entire wealth structure and all of your advisers are all in the same boat together when it starts to sink? What happens when you are all under the same roof when the politics change? Your strategies all go to the wall and you are trapped. Instead of being in a position to anticipate changes and make necessary adjustments you find you are constantly having to react to every wind of change politics and economics throws at you.

Not with Knightshield Corporation Limited, we are as flexible to meet changes as a river of water flowing down hill. Our international corporate structure and focus insure you have a great deal of space built into your arrangements. You want maximum flexibility when the game plan needs to be changed. Itʼs not about thinking outside of the box either, but rather being outside of the box when it catches fire.

Knightshield Corporation Limited is ideally positioned to meet these challenges. Our philosophy is that we should operate on a worldwide playing field, diversifying affairs within different legal jurisdictions for greater long-term security and stability. We are impassioned by a sense of vision for the freedom and financial independence of our clients. Our philosophy of private-client and corporate international legal diversification aims to preserve this vision and secure it for future generations.


the Knightshield Corporation Limited
Management Team


A results orientated team with a highly pro-active focus and an emphasis on exceeding client expectations on a consistent basis. Some Examples:

1) Advised clients on the sale of USDollars for Swiss Francs (CHF) December 5th of 2008. The USDollar subsequently collapsed against the Swiss Franc (CHF) approximately 3 weeks later netting our clients a 17% return on USD$1M by December 31st, of 2008.

5th of December, 2008
USD$1,000,000.00 = CHF1,219000
31st of December, 2008
CHF1,219000 = USD$1,169,000.00

However, this same trade, 3 1/2 years later on 31st of May, 2011, returned gains to clients of approximately 43%;

5th of December, 2008
USD$1,000,000.00 = CHF1,219000
31st of May, 2011
CHF1,219000 = USD$1,433,000.00

2) Advised clients effect 100% allocation of USD$1M to pure gold bullion in Switzerland in December of 2008 at USD$800 per ounce. By August of 2011 the price had surged to USD$1,917 per ounce breaking an all time high per ounce in Swiss Francs and netting our clients over 137% gains in less than 3 years more than doubling clients wealth. This put our asset allocation gains to clients in 4th place world-wide when compared to some nearly 80,000 international managed funds with 174,000 employees. There were only 3 funds in the entire world that outperformed our advice during this period.


3) Private Forex Funds Management by Derek C. Brereton Andrews netted 171% gains in 2015. When compared to the best US based Hedge Funds that is an outperformance of nearly 120% during the same period.


In short, we are a team of highly trained and experienced professionals in our respective fields.


Mr. Brereton Andrews trained in English Law at the University of Guildford, in Surrey England. Having attained one of the highest scores in English Law, he served as President of the Law Society of the University. He has a talent for Financial, Geopolitical & Economic Analysis in the management of capital. He was employed by the Royal Bank of Scotland as a Corporate Financial Consultant based in Southampton, England.

Mr. Brereton Andrews established Knightshield Corporation Limited in Dublin, Ireland in 1998. The company has had established professional links for nearly 20 years with some of the most prestigious financial groups in the world with over 150 years in operations.


Ms Andrade trained as a Public Accountant at the Universidad del Bajio A. C. LA SALLE in Guanajuato, Mexico. With over 15 years of professional experience as a Corporate Accountant in Mexico, she joined the team in 2008. She has been an integral player in client meetings supporting our corporate analysis of both the USD/CHF and GOLD trades. She maintains an up-to-the-minute knowledge of her profession and demonstrates an attention to detail when it comes to numbers that far exceeds her peers.

She is currently focused on the financial business development of the Latin America market for the corporation and its clients.

Knightshield Corporation Limited has recently opened its Latin America base of operations in Queretaro, Mexico. The offices will soon be located at:

www.gpd-businesscenter.com directly behind the largest and most modern commercial center in Mexico and perhaps in all of Latin America; Plaza Antea.



The information available on our website is for information purposes only and in no way shall it be, nor may it be, interpreted in any way as an offer or an invitation to sell; buy; or subscribe any product or service. No service offered by Knightshield Corporation Limited or any members will be offered in any jurisdiction in which such offer or solicitation would be unlawful. The information presented and contained within our website is done so without express or implied warranties. Knightshield Corporation Limited cannot guarantee the suitability of the information contained in our website for any particular purpose. Information presented on our website is not intended for resident citizens of the United States of America.


Knightshield Corporation Limited


Derek Collins Brereton Andrews
Chief Executive Officer & Chairman

Professional Profile


Maricarmen Cano Andrade
Managing Director

Professional Profile